Senator Epoktatima

Lotharian Amarto Epoktatima became a senator in book 3.

'But this is my house!' said Gorkindachina.
'No,' said Yo. 'This house now belongs to Senator Epoktatima. It's the House Epoktatima.'
Gorkindachina knew the Epoktatimas, of course. They were immigrants from the Chasms of Hell who were involved in the warehousing business. Gorkindachina had often done business with them. But - Senator Epoktatima?
'Since when has any of the Epoktatimas sat in the senate?' said Gorkindachina. [NoP Ch14]

Heineman was shown to the seat left vacant by the death of Senator X'm X, which meant he was sitting next to Senator Lotharian Amarto Epoktatima, inheritor of the senate seat which had once been Heineman and Gorkindachina's. [NoP Ch18]

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