Senator Chalk

A Senator. Speaker of the senate.

Senator Chalk, Speaker of the senate, had given the media crew permission to block in the senate chamber, but surely that did not excuse them from observing the decencies. [NoP Ch4]

Then they separated, Grindle-Joyce heading north, bent on making it through the streets of Lexis to the golden dome of La Lantis, and Heineman heading south along Eastbeach, making for Senator Chalk's mansion.
As Heineman walked down the beach, he kept a wary lookout for the zogo zalth. If the zogo zalth were still flying round the omagulous toad at La Lantis, then it would be impossible to get anywhere near that object. Diving on the toad by the Spliars was a much better bet, because the zogo zalth could not travel beneath water. [EoH Ch17]

'I have a question.'
It was Senator Chalk, long a senior partner in the accounting firm of Audit & Audit. In his retirement - being a senator, after all, was scarcely demanding enough to count as work - Chalk often amused himself maliciously by asking awkward questions about anything connected with money.
'Speak,' said Gorkindachina, who had no fear of Chalk, or of anyone else in the senate for that matter. [WoH Ch6]

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