Roberto Yo

Gorkindachina's Gan servant.

When they had all packed onto the dias, it was quite crowded. Teladex, Heineman, Gorkindachina, Senator X'm X, and the Gan-bred muscleman with the log of cedar. Gorkindachina subtly insulted Heineman by making a point of introducing him to this Gan-bred servitor, one Roberto Yo.
'Pleased to meet you,' said Heineman, favoring Yo with a short bow. 'I hope you'll vote for me.' [EoH Ch10]

Then Gorkindachina said no more, for, without even thinking about it, Heineman launched himself into the attack. With one prodigious heave, Heineman upset the Gan-bred muscleman Roberto Yo, taking him by surprise and sending him crashing off the dias, cedar log and all. As Yo fell to the crowd below, Heineman shoved aside the gnomish X'm X. Then he tackled Gorkindachina and took him down. [EoH Ch10]

Gorkindachina's friends were dead, or had turned against him. Om was full of unspoken threat - best to keep well clear of him! Who else did Gorkindachina know in Lexis? His old employees, of course. But Roberto Yo had ever been the most loyal of those, and, since Yo had turned against him, there was not much to be hoped of any of the others. [NoP Ch14]

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