Quarleen the singer is the former mistriss of Chansko. Gave birth to a daughter, Quarleen the Younger who is Atlanta's half sister.

Quarleen the Younger married Nodo.

As the briefing continued, Heineman's attention began to slip, and he started speculating about Nodo's proposal that Atlanta should be made a judge. It would certainly limit her scope for mischief. She had definitely miscalculated - or acted with malice - when suggesting that Heineman awaken the question of Nodo's marriage. Tan Spanda Del Sholomok Nodo had married Quarleen the Younger, who was Heineman's half-sister, the illegitimate daughter his father Kansko Chansko had sired on the singing girl now known as Quarleen the Older.
That made Nodo - what? Heineman's brother-in-law? Was the husband of an illegitimate half-sister a brother-in-law? [NoP Ch3]

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