Qod Patrimus Belch

Wolfganga's grandson Qod Patrimus Belch

But the pair got no chance to get going, for they met with no opposition at the lunatic asylum.
Atlanta's party was greeted promptly and politely by Qod Patrimus Belch, the manager of the Rebus Rokroth (and, incidentally, a grandson of the honorable Wolfganga Zenseneth Belch, Wolfganga being a past president of Chalakanesia, a native of the island of Jaz Diva who had chosen to settle on Islam Demaxus in his retirement).
'I'll show you to our records office,' said Belch, 'and you can have the run of the place. The trusty will assist you.' [NoP Ch2]

Finally, Wolfganga's nerve broke. In the last of the night's darkness, he fled down Qin Sistock Maruka to Ezakinfin, the fisherman's haven at the southern end of the Mexicus Hojo, where he commandeered a fishing boat and fled from the island of Islam Demaxus.
As the new day dawned, Wolfganga's grandson Qod Patrimus Belch found himself in the possession of three surviving fryguns. The rest had been destroyed in the actual firefight. In addition, Qod Patrimus had a handful of frightened followers. In the night, the storm seas had washed up over Eastbeach, sweeping away the bodies of the dead soldiers from La Lantis. A couple of corpses still tumbled in the surf, but there was no way for Qod Patrimus to make a bodycount, no way for him to work out who had won, who had lost.
For all Qod Patrimus knew, there could be a dozen soldiers with fryguns waiting in ambush somewhere up the Mexicus Hojo. for all Qod Patrimus knew, Om was a prisoner in La Lantis. He asked for volunteers to go out on reconnaissance, but got none - and realized he didn't have the nerve to do it himself. [NoP Ch18]

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