Presidents of Chalakanesia

The presidency of Chalakanesia has seven year terms moving from North to South island to Island, so it is 49 years for a full rotation of the presidency.

President Scrofulus

President Milhouse Rix Vixen from Solakarno
President Wolfganga Zenseneth Belch from Jaz Diva
President Uzbek from Sopwith Dromedax
President Heineman Jubiladilia from Islam Demaxus
President Atlanta Jubiladilia from Islam Demaxus

The suite had not been used in Heineman's term of office, since ex-president Wolfganga was locally resident on Islam Demaxus, ex-president Uzbek was dead, and the only other surviving past president, Milhouse Rix Vixen, the infamous Grand Swindler of Solakarno, was living in exile in Aloominum Tropis, and could not be extradited to Chalakanesia since he had bought himself a grant of political asylum.

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