Panjalo Pantaline Jubiladilia

Sister of Heineman and Atlanta.

Joins the Cult of Orgy, returns to marry Gorkindachina, runs away back to the cult. Is put on trial for burning the Sheldonian Mirarilusistan but is found not guilty.

'So,' said Tebby, 'will you order the execution of your sister Panjalo Pantaline Jubiladilia, who has been arrested for the burning of a mirarilusistan in Westport?'
For the first time, Heineman came to a dead halt. Nodo had trained him to speak, speak, speak, always to speak, no matter what. But this time he was left speechless. At least momentarily. Then, in a voice of cold fury which exactly reflected the way he felt, Heineman said: [NoP Ch4]

'But then,' said Heineman, consoling himself, 'she is only a child.'
In point of fact, Panjalo Pantaline Jubiladilia was a full twenty-eight years of age, which meant that she was barely three years younger than her brother Heineman. They were virtually coevals. But Heineman's pride made him strive to put the maximum distance between them. He had convinced himself - absurdly - that they belonged to different generations. He was the adult, she the child.
'A child,' said Heineman, expending the last of his anger, 'who should be tied to a whipping post and beaten.' [NoP Ch13]

Though Panjalo Pantaline Jubiladilia had not been convicted of the burning of the Sheldonian mirarilusistan, many citizens of Lexis still thought her guilty of that crime. After all, she was a blaspheming heretic who had shunned the religion of her ancestors to follow the Cult of Orgy which Guru Lox had installed upon the island of Lighthouse. Consequently, in the aftermath of Panjalo's trial, Heineman thought it best that Panjalo continue to sleep within the security of the Presidential Mansion until she either repented of her membership in the Cult of Orgy, or (as seemed more probable) again departed from the island of Islam Demaxus to rejoin her fellow cultists on Lighthouse.
Heineman had no objections to Panjalo's company, but, unfortunately, Panjalo and Atlanta had never got on well together, and the tensions of the last few days had worsened their relationship. [NoP Ch11]

In that Year of the Cloud, Belta 2368, Panjalo Pantaline Jubiladilia was 28 years old, and had spent a large part of the previous six years living on the island of Lighthouse, a full three hundred leagues south of Lexis. She noticed changes every time she came back to Islam Demaxus, and this time there seemed to have been more changes than ever.
'Where are we?' said Gorkindachina, stirring from groggy stupor to something which approximated full consciousness. [NoP Ch12]

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