Oodle is a Gan slave of Lotharian Lubamacasta. Heineman saves him from death.

Oodle or Oogle?

Over breakfast, Heineman and Grindle-Joyce debated strategy, and decided the best they could do was put together a delegation to go to La Lantis. They could observe, and try to have the toad ordered back below ground if things started to go wrong when it was brought up above the surface.
Heineman thought it would be best if he had a lawyer along, since he was worried about how Lotharian Epoktatima would react to being cheated of the pleasure of beating the dog-killer Oogle. So he went and sought out Atlanta, and was soon having an unsatisfactory conversation with her closed bedroom door.
'I can't come,' said Atlanta. 'Thanks to you, I've got that petition to write.' [EoH Ch16]

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