Olabadilia Lazamora Jubiladilia

Mother of Atlanta, Heineman and Panjalo, Wife of Kansko Chansko.

Member of the Family Jubiladilia.

Yulius was shocked to hear Atlanta speak thus to the great Olabadilia Lazamora Jubiladilia, mother of Atlanta Ignalina, of Heineman Yakaskam and of the delinquent Panjalo Pantaline. The great Olabadilia Lazamora was shocked likewise. When Atlanta looked in the mirror, she saw a lawyer, and a future judge. But when Olabadilia set eyes on Atlanta, she saw (would always see) a child. And a wayward child at that.
'Don't you take that tone with me, young woman,' said Olabadilia, as mother to child. 'I'm your mother, and I demand your respect.' [WoH Ch1]

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