Atlanta's son Loki. A member of the Jubiladilia Family

Fathered by Gorkindachina. Sent away in North of Paradise for his own safety.

It was the last day of Alsh Gravis, the Month of Marriage, the ninth month of Chalakanesia's thirteen-month year. It was Hog 550, which is the year Belta 2365 by our calendar, and little boy Loki was a full three years old, and hence was celebrating his Full Third. The good thing about being a child in Chalakanesia is that you get to celebrate two birthdays every year: the actual anniversary of your birth, plus the communal birthday which everyone celebrates in the month of Zavrakeltic.
But nobody outside the Family Jubiladilia was taking any notice whatsoever of Loki's Full Third. The talk was all of the imminent arrival of the skyship, and by late afternoon the entire length of Westbeach was lined with people scanning the horizon, and the crowd of people heading down Qin Sistock Maruka toward Ezakinfin had thickened to a veritable parade. Some interlopers tried to make it into the grounds of the House Jubiladilia to win access to Zinjanthrop's much-envied viewing stand. A few succeeded: there was muscle sufficient to repulse all comers, but Dug Mantis had been left in charge of the muscle, and was less than ruthless in exercising the right of repulse.
'I've never seen so many people,' said Belinda Skin Damsup Del Dorn, on her arrival on the Jubiladilia viewing stand. 'Where do they all come from? My, aren't we high! Is this thing safe?' [EoH Ch1]

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