Perfect Master

'Judgment is supported by experience,' said Atlanta. 'So said Logadon, greatest of the Perfect Masters. As a child of Chalakanesia, I know, as do you all, that persons who are spatio-temporally displaced are likely to ghost at the moment when they are shunted. Often the ghosts are displaced to limbo along with the natural person. Often the ghosts return with, before or after the natural person. It follows that the Vignis Vo Gorkindachina whom you are representing may well be one of those substantial, fully-fleshed ghosts which we refer to as doppelgangers, which are indistinguishable from the real thing except inasmuch as they are transitory.
'By its own testimony, this thing which you are representing has only been back in the World of Events for a few days at most, therefore there are ample grounds for regarding its claim to be a natural person as unproven, at best. There are ample precedents for delaying judgment on a host of matters on those grounds alone. In such contexts, the figure of ninety days is often quoted. [NoP Ch16]

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