Lady Jane

Lady Jane ran a notorious School of Body Painting on the second floor of the Ul Den Ul.

Atlanta got up from her desk and began to pace around her office. It was the cheapest of the cheap, but at least it was tolerably spacious. Its cheapness was consequent upon the weariness of the climb to the heights, the intermittent weaponmaking hammering, and the dubious characters (lawyers, judges, lecturers and such) who ventured to Lady Jane's to pay homage to the great art of Body Painting.

[WoH Ch5]

The stairs at the back went up to Atlanta's law office, which was at the top of the building. The second floor of the Ul Den Ul was occupied by Lady Jane's School Of Body Painting, the lair of certain women, usually floridly dressed and heavily perfumed, who worked late hours and tended to sleep from dawn till lunchtime. A door to the School opened as Atlanta and Yulius came creaking up the stairs, then closed again when the yawning woman inside saw who it was.
'Do you want her?' said Atlanta, teasing. [WoH Ch5]

Should she feel offended at his slowness in reaching this conclusion? By convention, undoubtedly she should. What if Yulius really did want one of those women from Lady Jane's? Was that why he had been so slow to declare for his Atlanta? Really, men were so hard to fathom! The creatures from the body painting shop were wrecks - weren't they? Yet men were likely to be found furtively ascending to their lair any time between noon and midnight. Worse - many of these men were familiar! It seemed - and this was something which law school had failed to teach - that the decorative arts had a special attraction for members of the legal profession.[WoH Ch5]

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