Travel agent

Then Atlanta was given the names of the travel agents, though she was in no mood to be receptive to such trivia. The names - Pung, Bolshum, Kamayazi, Trim Helkup, Nadia Sok and Qon Latchum - grinned in her mind and were gone.
With introductions done, Feather-suit courteously admired Gorkindachina's 'so beautiful fiancee.' And, though Atlanta had bridled at being designated at Gorkindachina's bride-to-be, she nevertheless could not bring herself to interrupt anyone who was praising her good looks. Others joined Feather-suit in saluting Atlanta - though surely she looked strange to them, with her white hair and her silver skin. Still, strangeness was often fascinating in itself. Take that suit of feathers, for instance! Atlanta was just dying to ask where such weirdness had come from. But she was far too polite. [WoH Ch14]

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