Julius Om

Full name of Rector Om.

With cheek crushed flat to the ground - which was wet with rain, or perhaps with blood, or something worse - Gorkindachina tried to peer out from under the canvas. He lifted it a little, taking the risk of being seen. Outside, lightning cracked in the purple-tinted night. By that lightning, Gorkindachina saw a man standing under the Hodokyo: Julius Om, Rector of the College of Gardeners, and a trained assassin.
That was his pursuer!

Saying this, President Heineman looked hard at Om. Julius Om, Rector of the College of Gardeners, was a child of untainted human heritage who had been born in the Chasms of Hell, yet his teeth were as sharp as those of any silverskin who owed genes to the Mer. Om's teeth were sharp because they had been filed to points, denoting his sometime status as a professional assassin.
'So,' said Om, 'you've been sleeping there, you admit it. Then where is she?' [NoP Ch15]

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