Judge Metatron

Chief Justice of the Court. Some time lover of Atlanta. Presided over the trial of Panjalo. Dies of old age.

As the ceremony broke up, Heineman caught sight of two people still sitting together at a garden table. Their candlelit faces were those of his sister Atlanta and Judge Metatron. As Heineman watched, Atlanta used her fingers to feed a sausage to Judge Metatron. Poor man! Had he had a stroke? Couldn't he even feed himself any longer?
As Heineman watched, Judge Metatron sucked the sausage out of Atlanta's fingers, then appeared to bite those fingers. He certainly sucked on them. Then, as Heineman watched, possessed by a kind of horror, Metatron ran his tongue the length of Atlanta's hand, all the way from fingertip to wrist. Atlanta laughed, but her laughter surely had to be faked, a courtesy from a woman too courtly to slap down one of the heroes of Chalakanesian justice and the rule of law.
Deciding there and then that his sister had to be rescued from the embarrassing impositions of that senile old fleshwreck, Heineman started toward them. His sister looked up at his approach, and raised a wineglass in salute. [EoH Ch4]

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