Jo Jo Jod Uzbek

Grandson of the president Uzbek, paid to burn the Presidential Garden by Wolfganga. Captured and interrogated.

Unfortunately for Wolfganga, however, Heineman has meanwhile taken to romancing Arigato Eko, Wolfganga's granddaughter. One night, Arigato ghosts. The ghost, in the manner of ghosts, goes home - and hears Wolfganga or someone else talking about the planned burning of the presidential mirarilusistan. The ghost comes back and informs Arigato. Then perishes. Atlanta warns Heineman, who catches the arsonists, Icarus Pauloth Uzbek and Jo-Jo Jod Uzbek. These twin grandsons of the late President Uzbek have been sent on their mission of arson by Wolfganga - and accuse him!
Laboring under the delusion that Wolfganga is his friend, Heineman finds this accusation impossible to believe, so damages the Uzbek twins until they give him a confession more to his liking, and say that the Ema-Ema-Enji Holographic Geohistorical Research Team has paid them to burn the presidential mirarilusistan. [NoP Ch15]

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