Icarus Pauloth Uzbek

Grandson of the former president Uzbek. Hired by Wolfganga to burn the presidential garden. Interrogated by Heineman.

If Icarus Pauloth Uzbek and Jo-Jo Uzbek were not prepared to stand by their accusations, then how was Heineman to justify his arrest of the media team? Heineman's interrogators were trying to pressure the Uzbek twins into confirming their earlier accusations, but the boys were proving tougher than one would have thought. Meantime, other interrogators were working on the media crew, trying to get someone to crack and confess. But, so far - no joy. And no incriminating evidence had so far been produced by the search of the Eloquent Smirkus.
Of all this, Arigato Eko knew nothing, since she was spending her days at the Salsa Soko Pelchis, immersed in study, and Heineman was making sure she was adequately occupied by night. But he could not keep her there forever! As yet, she did not even know that the media crew had been placed under arrest. [NoP Ch10]

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