Honda Jubus Mol

Cousin of Atlanta's client

Atlanta was already painfully familiar with the progress of this case, since it had been running now for a full six months. Without delving into the details, which are best left to the annals of legal pathology, let us merely note that the case had been several times complicated, the latest complication being that the cousin in question, Honda Jubus Mol, had been adjudged insane by his family doctor, and had been incarcerated in the Rebus Rokroth, the leading lunatic asylum of Islam Demaxus. The cause of his mental delinquency was an overconsumption of alcohol, ever the most destructive of drugs in Chalakanesia, since it is the legal drug of choice in those regions, just as it is in Heaven and Hell.
While Atlanta was still locked in her evening consultation with fisherman Jon, the boy Nodo intruded on her privacy, bringing with him the oppressive smell of the imported lime-scented deodorant on which he so consistently wasted his money. [WoH Ch3]

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