Hill Skadamus Belch

Grandson of Wofganga and gun nut.

Part of the plot to overthrow Heineman. Imports fryguns.

Well, much as Heineman trusted Wolfganga, Heineman was no fool. He didn't trust the man that far. Wolfganga was playing the old, old ex-presidential game of angling for influence. He was very good at it, and there was no telling how ambitious he might get if he got hold of some really damaging evidence against Heineman. They were friends, yes, but theirs was a political friendship, which meant that it was - at least in part - a game of manoeuver.
Later, when Heineman got back after interviewing Hill Skadamus Belch - an unabashed gun-nut - and paying a visit to the customs shed at Westport, Nodo told him that Arigato Eko was waiting to see him.
'Well, that's just too bad,' said Heineman, 'because it's long after lunchtime, I'm hungry, and I need to eat. Tell her how it is. If she's willing to share lunch with me, then, okay, but otherwise I'm out of time.' [NoP Ch8] OOL,NoP

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