Heineman Yakaskam Jubiladilia

The main character of EoH and NoP.

He is a member of the Family Jubiladilia.

He is more of an accountant and lacks social skills. He is held in low regard by his sister Atlanta.

He receives a senate seat from Gorkindachina in exchange for marrying Heineman's sister Panjalo, and the payment of Gorkindachina's debts.

Later wins election to president after his only opponent, Gorkindachina, is shunted.

Loses presidency after Gorkindachina returns, however Atlanta takes the presidency.

And they toasted him in beer. Though of course he was not president yet, and would not be president at all unless he won the forthcoming election.
The two chief presidential candidates were Heineman Yakaskam Jubiladilia, a trained accountant and professional senator then aged 28, and Vignis Vo Gorkindachina, a timber merchant who was thirty years his senior.
Heineman had the advantage of being a senator, his rival Gorkindachina having departed from the senate a few years previously. But Gorkindachina was a man of more substance - both literally and metaphorically - and had shown a flair for rabble-rousing which Heineman was quite unable to match. According to the campaign rules, public election speeches were not supposed to have started yet, but Heineman had heard that Gorkindachina had been practicing by haranguing timber workers at the forest camps in the north of Islam Demaxus. [EoH Ch4]

But, in fact, Heineman Yakaskam Jubiladilia was only 31 years of age, for it was then Belta 2368, the Year of the Cloud in the 550th Chalakanesian Cycle, and his life was not yet halfway done. Assuming he got to live his allotted span. Assuming there was not a second assassin to follow the first. [NoP Ch2]

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