Grindle Joyce

A crewman on the crashed Zuzu Magore. Engineer from Hell who advises Heineman on Toads. Has a crush on Atlanta.

Heineman laughed, not because Grindle-Joyce had said anything really funny, but for the sheer pleasure of being in the company of someone who didn't feel he had to take Atlanta seriously. Frankly, Heineman was often terrified by his sister. She had such a powerhouse of an ego, that was the thing. He was the one who was trying to be president: but, to be perfectly honest, he had to admit that Atlanta would have made a better candidate.
It was very pleasant to sit there with Grindle-Joyce, a man who took Atlanta lightly, and wasn't claustrophobically over-involved in the affairs of the Family Jubiladilia. It was pleasant to be idle, to be unpressured, to let things slide. The toad? Well, as for the omagulous toad, well, realistically, there wasn't anything he could do about it. It might well be reckless to bring the thing up from its dungeon. However, if men like Gorkindachina and Chalk were determined to pretend that there was nothing wrong, even after the storm of the night before, then there was nothing Heineman could do to change their minds. [EoH Ch16]

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