Major character in all three books. A frequent rival of the Family Jubiladilia.

Starts the series as a senator and timber merchant, but is under attack by Zinjanthrop Jubiladilia who wants the Senate seat back for the Jubiladilia family.

Zinjanthrop Jubiladilia is buying all his debts in hopes of bankrupting him.

At the end of book one a deal is arranged whereby he resigns his senate seat in favor of Heineman and marries a Jubiladilia woman, initially engaged to Atlanta but eventually marries Panjalo.

Atlanta, gives birth to his unacknowledged son Loki.

Panjalo later leaves him to rejoin the Cult of Orgy.

In Book Two (EOH), he competes against Heineman for the Presidency, but is shunted for 3 years - Heineman he still receives more votes despite his disappearance, however Heineman becomes president.

Upon Gorkindachina's return he attempts to claim the presidency, but demurs in favor of Atlanta.

They made an odd contrast. Gorkindachina was an old man, almost sixty years of age, whereas Panjalo was only twenty-eight. Panjalo was a dumpy, big-breasted creature who had recently dyed her hair blonde. Gorkindachina was no giant - he was the same height as Heineman, and half a hand shorter than Heineman's sister Atlanta - but he gave the impression of being massive.
Gorkindachina was physically clumsy. He lumbered. His gestures were expansive, extravagant. He had mannerisms - arms frequently outstretched, frequently akimbo, feet set more than shoulder-width apart - which made him seem to take up more room. And he had a big head, a massive head, smattered with stalks of coarse brown hair. All of this helped make him seem a big, big man. And Heineman, as he stuffed the last state papers into one of his desk drawers, could not help but feel again his own fear of Gorkindachina. [NoP Ch13]

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