Gog Magog

Assassinated a dictator king.

In Chalakanesia's feudal period, which is so luridly interesting that the memories of it still keep a whole school of comic book artists in constant employment, the island of Islam Demaxus suffered beneath a notorious tyrant known as Hector the Pig. One favorite Chalakanesian children's story tells how the brave assassin Gog Magog armed himself with a very sharp spear, swam through the sewers, climbed up the shaft of Hector's toilet, braced himself in that fateful shaft, then waited.
That Hector the Pig was assassinated in just such a manner is a matter of historical fact, one of the many recorded in that classic history called 'Drop By Bloody Drop: An Analysis Of Mortality Rates In The Middle Period Of Chalakanesian History,' by Ika Van Squid (House of Shadows, Belta 2294). [NoP Ch1]

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