Glan Gleneth Soba Lubamacasta

See also: Soba Lubamacasta

Atlanta's friend who resides in who lives in House Lubamacasta.

To pay of her debts, eventually becomes the slave of Atlanta's fiance Yulius, stealing him away. She is eventually taken to the Rebus Rokroth for drug addiction

As blindman Chadlin was pissing on the pavement, Glan Gleneth Soba Lubamacasta entered the Daffodil Burk, entered with a whirl of perfume - jasmine, if Atlanta was any judge - and a gewgaw flash from fish-shaped earrings of gem-studded silver.
'Atlanta, darling,' said Soba. [WoH Ch3]

'Haven't you heard?' said Heineman. 'The Family Epoktatima has made a purchase. They've bought Glan Gleneth Soba Lubamacasta and her estate. Your flesh-friend Yulius doesn't need you any more. He's got Soba instead.'
'Weak, weak,' said Atlanta, who thought this invention a poor excuse for humor. [WoH Ch12]

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