Selwyn Fod Flogo, a Senator.

Ex-Husband of Lady Belinda Del Dorn.

See: senator-flogo

He thought Flogo would buy that argument, since Selwyn Fod Flogo was a neutral, one of the few senators who belonged to no particular faction. If anyone could be expected to act according to the dictates of law, conscience and the national interest, then it was Flogo. If there was going to be a clash over whether the Jubiladilias should or should not get the salvage contract for the Zuzu Magore, then Heineman should be able to count on Flogo as an ally.
'Well,' said Flogo, 'we will see what we will see. This could be interesting.'
That sounded ominous, as if Flogo had an inside track to hidden information - and it was Heineman's first hint that everything was not going exactly to plan. [EoH Ch9]

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