Family Ul

The owners of Atlanta's Office building the Ul Den Ul.

Tilibel Ulibel Ul cleans Atlanta's office.

Now she had properly recovered herself, Atlanta sat herself down at her desk and went to work by candlelight, writing a letter for Tilibel Ulibel Ul, the youngest daughter of the Family Ul, who came daily at dawn to clean Atlanta's chambers. [WoH Ch10]

On the fourth and topmost floor of the Ul Den Ul there was an empty room, locked and sealed, which was said to be permanently tenanted by a headless ghost. Two other rooms held the bones of the Family Ul, bones once buried in the Chinmik until they were displaced when the broad avenue of Palching Lindus was rammed through the centre of Lexis. [WoH Ch5]

'The Family Ul will have five fits and a jackknife,' said Atlanta. 'There must be blood all the way up the stairs. Sit!'
'Worse things happen at sea,' said Zinjanthrop, settling himself with a creaking care which confessed the ravages of age. 'Besides, if the Family Ul can countenance a whorehouse, then they can live with a slaughterhouse just as easily.' [WoH Ch2]

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