Family Jubiladilia

A diving family specializing in adaptive skins. The family about which the Oceans of Light series is centered.

Fredrikus - (Great Grandfather)
Zinjanthrop - (Grandfather)
Kansko Chansko - (Father) (married to Olabadilia Lazamora Jubiladilia) (Mother), Jepperson (Uncle), Ilo (Uncle), Olomok (Uncle)
Atlanta, Heineman (married to Charlotte), Panjalo (married to Gorkindachina) and Quarleen the Younger (half sister married to Nodo)
Loki (Son of Atlanta and Gorkindachina)

Also cousins Dug Mantis and Sheridan Mantis

The high, bright sun of mid-morning shone down upon the infinite leisure of the Oceans of Light, and shone too upon the Family Jubiladilia, the greater part of which was gathered on Eastbeach in front of the House Jubiladilia. The Jubiladilias were scattered on the pearlsands in those attitudes of collapse which were fit and proper for a sunbathing picnic, waiting for Panjalo Pantaline. [EoH Ch9]

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