Family Epoktatima

A trading family of Lexis that has a warehouse in Westport.

Lotharian Amarto Epoktatima is the head of the family. Later becomes a senator.
Yulius Epoktatima is engaged to Atlanta in Book 1 but leaves her to make Soba Lubamacasta a slave. He later dies in a diving accident using a Jubiladilia Family adaptive skin.

They take ownership of House Gorkindachina after Gorkindachina is shunted and it becomes House Epoktatima.
After Gorkindachina returns they legally challenge him in court.

'I certainly wasn't sitting at a bar drinking myself silly,' said Yulius. 'Maybe that's because I'm not a Jubiladilia.'
'No,' said Atlanta. 'You're not a Jubiladilia. You're an Epoktatima. And the Epoktatimas, it seems, are specialists in cowardice and rape. That's what you are, Yulius! You're a rapist! You're using your money to rape my friend, to rape that slut Soba! Well, I hope you know what you've got yourself into. She's a whore, Yulius! That's her style, and she'll never change. You'd better check her over for venereal diseases when you get her back. Do you know what venereal diseases look like, Yulius? Do you know how to find them with a magnifying glass?'
'This is your friend Soba you're talking about,' said Yulius. [WoH Ch12]

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