Eglug Oberon

Assassin and madman. Attempted to assassinate Heineman but failed, was arrested but died of slow poison.

Someone had tried to kill Heineman. He had not imagined it. The assassin Eglug Oberon had climbed up from the sewers to try to spike Heineman from below. And how had he gotten into those sewers? Why, with the help of scuba gear, just as Heineman had suspected. This was known now for a fact, since such gear had been recovered from the sewer by Heineman's cousin Dug Mantis, the leading diver of the Family Jubiladilia.
Since then, Oberon had died of causes unknown. La Lantis was still refusing to release the results of the autopsy, but Heineman suspected that Oberon had died of a slow-acting poison. According to Atlanta's comic books, when an assassination was planned in the Chasms of Hell, it was common to covertly poison the assassin, so that the fellow would inevitably die shortly after accomplishing his mission, and so would be unable to betray the masters who had instructed him. [NoP Ch11]

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