Clerk Wajain

Clerk Wajain, who worked for Senator Scarab

With the help of Clerk Wajain, Atlanta drafted a petition putting Soba's case. It was one long grovel, and Atlanta hated writing it. The worst part was that she had to admit she was very, very good at lickspittle belly-to-the-floor bootlicking repentance. It was her legal specialty.
By the time the petition had been finished, written out in quadruplicate and officially filed with the clerk of the senate's petitions committee, Atlanta was in an exceedingly foul mood. She felt unclean, groveling on behalf of Soba, who, ungrateful bitch, was probably back at home at the House Lubamacasta, drinking herself silly or comforting herself with a heart. [WoH Ch6]

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