Broccoli Growers Association

A lobby group.

By now, the members of this Association were all staunch supporters of their president. Heineman's job that day was to make a speech to launch the public sale of a great Book of Broccoli, for which he had written the foreword, and to which he had contributed several recipes. (In theory, at least. In practice, the foreword had been ghostwritten by his sister Atlanta, and the recipes had been contributed by Baz).
So Heineman spent the morning giving a speech; and listening to the speeches of others; and tasting a great many dishes of broccoli, and tasting them, too, with every evidence of enthusiasm. In reward of these services, the Broccoli Growers Association presented him with a gilded Tree of Broccoli, in which there sat several pink and red plastic birds, this tasteful creation being the work of one Zodiac Bellini, who was the leading artist of the city of Lexis. Heineman assured all and sundry that he would cherish this gift forever.
'A magnificent trophy,' said Heineman, passing the thing into Sheridan's custody. [NoP Ch10]

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