A family in Lexis. The family of Heineman's wife Charlotte.

Charlotte Sordalis Jubiladilia (nee Bloxum) had retreated to the House Jubiladilia to see out her second pregnancy in peace. She had taken her false teeth with her, and her curlers, and her whalebone corset. And she had left Heineman alone, all alone in the world but for Nodo, and Atlanta, and his Ganfolk bodyguards, and a host of people who wanted to use him, or harass him and hassle him. [NoP Ch6]

So Heineman, having hired Slugbest and Scumlog as his legal advisers, began making preparations for divorcing his wife, Charlotte Sordalis Jubiladilia. He had never wanted to marry the woman in the first place. His grandfather Zinjanthrop had pushed him into it, seeing an alliance with Charlotte's Bloxum clan - and blaming Heineman when the selfish Bloxums proved unrewarding allies. The marriage had been disastrous - fatally flawed from the start by Charlotte's habit of trying to strangle Heineman in his sleep. He would be very glad to see the last of her.
In Chalakanesian society, divorce was a great scandal, but, after all that had happened, Heineman was inclined to think that it was a trivial scandal. [NoP Ch18]

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