Belinda Skin Damsup Del Dorn

Lady Belinda Skin Damsup Del Dorn, ex-wife of Senator Flogo.

In Book2 is the chairwoman of the Heineman election Fundraising Committee. Panjalo persuades Belinda to run away and join the Cult of Orgy.

In Book3 she has left the cult to return to her Music School the Alma Chorda located in the Ul Den Ul building.

Her prattling was starting to get on Heineman's nerves. He presumed she needed attention. And how could he not attend to her? After all, the lady Del Dorn, Belinda Skin Damsup Del Dorn, was chairwoman of the Heineman Yakaskam Fundraising Committee.
Heineman turned on the lady Del Dorn, but found himself unsure what to say to her. So, since they had been talking of Tat, since children were on his mind, he said: [EoH Ch4]

'Children?' said Belinda. 'On the profits from the Alma Chorda? How would I afford it? We should have been born on Unlox Brocade - at the Breakup.' [EoH Ch4] OOL,EoH

Belinda Skin Damsup Del Dorn, one of the several past wives of the much-married Senator Flogo, was head of Heineman's fund-raising committee. She was a vital mainstay of his campaign, the person in charge of raising his propaganda money, and he didn't want Panjalo doing anything to compromise that working relationship.
'Worry, then,' said Atlanta. 'But let's get up there before this crowd becomes quite impossible.' [EoH Ch10]

Belinda Skin Damsup Del Dorn did not like Panjalo Pantaline one little bit. It was Panjalo who had enticed the lady Del Dorn to the southern island of Zachalacharo, there to join the Cult of Orgy run by Guru Lox. But it hadn't worked out. Not everyone is psychologically equipped to live in a commune, far less to practice the arts of orgy. [NoP Ch2]

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