Servant of the Family Jubiladilia. An old lady who normally works via vug projection from La Lantis.

So Heineman was quite happy to be a solo spectator, and was mingling with the mob when he was found by the vug Baz. She was not working for La Lantis. She was there in her capacity as a servant of the Family Jubiladilia.
'Heineman! Heineman!' said Baz. 'There you are!'
Heineman turned to face Baz, whose free-floating head was at the level of his own. Her hands were twisting together in a frenzy of concern. [EoH Ch1]

And so she was. This was Baz, in the flesh: not just her head and her hands, but all of her. Well! Heineman had always known that the rest of her existed, but it was still a shock to see it. She had feet! And what feet! She had club feet, which looked painfully obvious in her open-weave cow-leather sandals. It was a blow to see her hobbling around the kitchen, whereas before she had always floated with such effortless grace. [EoH Ch16]

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