Arigato Eko

Grand-daughter of Ex-president Wolfganga, attractive love-interest and mistress of President Heineman. Assistant of the the Ema-Ema-Enji Holographic Geohistorical Research Team before Heineman moves her into the Presidential Palace, then into Prison when she threatens to tell his wife. She is shunted and missing for some time, before being returned and going into hiding at the Chem Giblis Baktaria nunnery.

Wolfganga was missing his granddaughter, the silverskinned Arigato Eko. [NoP Ch15]

So Heineman separated Arigato Eko from the Ema-Ema-Enji Holographic Geohistorical Research Team, neatly, cleanly, without any fuss at all. In effect, he made her disappear. Nodo, Heineman's media analyst, visited the Snork and cleared Arigato's books and study materials from her one-bunk room. Heineman personally helped her sort out those materials, and wrote her study schedule for her. [NoP Ch9]

Arigato Eko had been shunted! Arigato Eko, lover of white wine and roses, cousin of Qod Patrimus Belch and, like Qod, a grandchild of former president Wolfganga Zenseneth Belch. She was gone. Worse - she might come back! Having been geotemporaly displaced, she might reappear at any time to accuse Heineman. And her accusation would be damning.[NoP Ch13]

When he was not busy hunting Gorkindachina, then Heineman was busy thinking about Arigato. Very busy.
Arigato Eko, the silverskinned woman Heineman had romanced by the light of the Rose, had come back from limbo, returning to the World of Events on the night of the frygun firefight. Distressed by betrayal and scandal, shocked by news of the death of Kan Kaijin Utabito, unforgiving of Heineman's treachery and generally unready to face the world, she had taken refuge in the Chem Giblis Baktaria, the nunnery to the north of Flanjegus Mo.
Heineman saw this as a favorable development. [NoP Ch18]

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