Ambassador Teladex

Oscar Fax Teladex, Ambassador to Chalakanesia of Heaven and Hell. Based in the La Lantis Embassy in Eastport.

Oscar Fax Teladex, head of La Lantis, and diplomatic representative of the two Great Powers of the Conference.. [NoP Ch11]

At Hodokyo De, Heineman was greeted by Ambassador Teladex. The big red-headed man was built like one of the street brawlers of Chan Molest, but he was a diplomat through and through. Though he had said the most scalding things about Heineman and the Family Jubiladilia in the senate only the day before, Teladex was all smiles today, as though their past associations had been one long uninterrupted friendship. The smoothness of his snake-skinned diplomacy had never been more in evidence.[EoH Ch10]

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