Zinjanthrop Rapes Little Girls

A book printed by Gorkindachina detailing Zinjanthrop's crimes

'By all means,' said Heineman, who lacked the strength for any arguments which were not strictly necessary.
Then Heineman took the damning trial records to the one place in the House Jubiladilia which was indisputably his own: his accounting office. He locked himself in, settled down at his desk, then carefully read his copy of 'Zinjanthrop Rapes Little Girls,' skimming the great many pages devoted to the disconcerting medical evidence. When he had finished, he put it in his bookshelf, fitting it between 'Implements Of Iron: A History of Debt Control' and 'Gynaecology: A Practitioner's Guide'.
Then he sat back, thinking. [EoH Ch11]

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