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But when the presidential party was shown to the records office, they were greeted by none other than Senator Tulip, who, though he could be called many things, could scarcely be called reliable. The man was three times a tax defaulter, and had recently been indicted for smuggling xzinither, which was a capital offence.
'Tulip!' said Heineman in surprise. 'What are you doing here?' [NoP Ch2]

Since Atlanta owed genes to the sealines, she wasted no such blood on speculative productivity. Instead, like one of the fish-tailed females of the Mer, she incorporated in her anatomy a tiny chamber known as the combinatorium, where any successfully penetrating sperm would be stabilized by xzinither, its arrival provoking the timely production of an egg. Possibly some of Gorkindachina's sperm had made it to the combinatorium. Possibly the production of an egg was already underway.
The possibility of a bastard child, then, was something which had to be considered seriously. [WoH Ch15]

'I'm not looking at you,' said Zinjanthrop. 'I'll take care of Grindle-Joyce, you don't have to worry about it. There's lots of things I could do. I could introduce him to the joys of xzinither, for example.'
Atlanta and Heineman both quite failed to conceal their shock. Zinjanthrop smiled, and winked. To him, the tender sentiments of his grandchildren were a never-failing source of amusement, and he ever delighted in scandalizing them. [EoH Ch6]

'You have to make allowances for me,' said Arigato. 'After all, I'm from Jaz Diva. We don't see much of the Mer there.'
'Nor here,' said Heineman, who, though he was a silverskin, had never set eyes on one of the trueborn Merfolk in his entire life. 'They keep their distance. Too many have been killed for their xzinither. They can be savage when cornered.'
'Like the zogo zalth.' [NoP Ch6]

Cynics said that there was not much which Chalakanesia could hope to export to the high-technology civilizations of the Conference, the civilizations of Heaven and Hell. There was xzinither, of course, but the supply of that was strictly limited, and exports were already running at close to the maximum. Still, even cynics admitted that there was (potentially, at least) big money in tourism. [EoH Ch1]

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