Mad Pink Phoenix

Condom brand from Barth Banchup Bakchakris found on Senator X dead body by Gorkindachina in bk3

Gorkindachina made no reply. Instead, he began to rummage in his pockets, turning out the contents and laying them on the table.
The profits of Gorkindachina's pocket-search were small. He had the crushed remains of one of those chocolate hearts which are Heaven's favoured token of love, and a couple of blurred receipts. That was all. A search of his moneybelt was more profitable, for it a revealed set of keys, a personal seal of the kind known as an inkan, a seven-dollar coin, and a packet of three condoms of the Mad Pink Phoenix brand imported direct from Barth Banchup Bakchakris. [NoP Ch12]

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