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Map References


From Point Cur there rose an ancient whitewashed pharos, a lighthouse which had once served the fishermen of Ezakinfin as a beacon. It had since been replaced by a more modern beacon which La Lantis had installed on Glomagus Island, the natural breakwater which sheltered the fishermen's harbor of Ezakinfin. At the foot of the pharos there had been built a gloomy, low-lying house. This was the Engramicus Mulch, the House of X, and, like the House Gorkindachina, it had been made of sablax, artificial armorstone cannibalized from ruined military fortifications. [NoP 14]

So saying, Gorkindachina took himself to the House of X, the rambler often known by its proper registered name, the Engramicus Mulch. This ancient mansion dominated Point Cur, the rocky headland at the southern end of Eastbeach. [NoP 14]

She realized she had beached herself closer to the House Gorkindachina than to the House Lubamacasta, closer to the tainted waters of Eastport than to the clean sea of the Spliars. [WoH 5]

Imagine, then, the Mexicus Hojo, a narrow peninsular with a row of great mansions on either side of its central road. To the west is the Western Ocean, otherwise known as the Ocean of Solasalassa; to the east is Vishna Elmira; and both great expanses of glittering water are dotted with the bright bob of praus, the prau being that seagoing Chalakanesian sailing canoe which is flanked by two outriggers. [WoH 1]

The city of Lexis was divided into four districts: Westport, Eastport, Central and the Mexicus Hojo. Everything which related to the administration and the bureaucracy was in Eastport: the Court of Justice, the College of Gardeners, the senate chamber, the Presidential Mansion, and the research institute of La Lantis, which was housed in a gold-domed building known as the dome of the Conference. [NoP 2]

set off up the Mexicus Hojo, he realized he was growing very weary, so he started looking for a rickshaw ride. He saw a rickshaw outside the House of Chalk, hailed it, and negotiated a five-dollar ride to the College of Gardeners in Chelming Road. [NoP 14]

Eastbeach was a goodly rickshaw ride distant from the Salsa Soko Pelchis, the Presidential Mansion [NoP 3]

Obi Ko Art Gallery, the building directly opposite La Lantis [EoH 16]

wasteland which lay between the Ul Den Ul and the Ik Mablis [WoH 11]

Ik Mablis, a large and largely derelict dosshouse on Quisling Hok [EoH 13]

La Lantis was in Eastport, north and east from the House Jubiladilia [EoH 4]

They could have eaten at the Daffodil Burk, the everopen coffee shop right next door to the Ul Den Ul. [WoH 2]

He took a left turn into the Alkaline Bill, ran westward at a lumbering jogtrot, then turned right into Chadlin Jo. If he could make it to the Daffodil Burk, the all-night coffee bar by the Ul Den Ul, then he would be safe. They could shelter him, hide him in their kitchen. [NoP 17]

The east-west road is the Alkaline Bill, which runs between Eastport and Westport. It is intersected by a north-south road, the northerly part of which is Palching Lindus. The southerly part, which runs the length of the Mexicus Hojo and terminates at Ezakinfin, is the broad avenue of Qin Sistock Maruka [NoP 12]

had gone round the block, heading north along Palching Lindus, then making a left turn into Chadlin Limbus, then another left into Chadlin Jo. This methodical quartering of the area had brought him face-to-face [NoP 17]

On first arriving in Lexis from the Fifth Pearl, the island of Jaz Diva, ex-president Wolfganga Zenseneth Belch had found it impossible to buy a rambler, since there had been no such mansion for sale in all of Lexis. In the end, he had purchased an unpromising plot of land at the south-west end of the Mexicus Hojo, and there had built House Belch. He had been widely pitied by all the great Families, because his house had had a view of Westport, Westbeach and Chanifer Island rather than Eastport, Eastbeach and the Spliars. [NoP 15]

Cockfighting is much more exciting, so let us then switch to the Glorious Blue Feathers Cockfighting Den, which is in Slum Street, in Westport. [NoP 6]

Galactic Rage, the pachinko parlour at the intersection's north-west corner, was closed and shuttered. So was the Tilnus Building, which lay east and opposite. Betina Lilibet's House of Sin was black and barred up. To Atlanta's surprise, even the Haridjakarta Moskovola was closed. But the Vampire's Feast - that one building showing commercial lights - was open and ready for business. [WoH 2]

Hodokyo De, the intersection encumbered by this brutal mass of overhanging metal, was the point at which Qin Sistock Maruka and Palching Lindus met the Alkaline Bill. This major intersection was the site of several important buildings, including the Tilnus Building (notable for its famous facade, and notable also for the fact that it stood next to Betina Lilibet's House of Sin) and the Haridjakarta Moskovola. [WoH 8]

She helped him to get upright, then helped him to stagger down to Hodokyo De. Her destination was still the Haridjakarta Moskovola - but the Hari Mok proved to be closed. So she helped Gorkindachina into the Vampire's Feast, the eatery just across the road from the Hari Mok. [NoP 12]

His reference was to the Snork Deebus, the prison located west of Westport, on the very outskirts of the city of Lexis. [NoP 2]

the Pert Ptyx, a small but expensive dressmaker's shop which perched precariously on poles by the Chadlin Steps, on the actual slopes of the great rock of Flanjegus Mo. [WoH 12]

the Tatsu Clapsu, a tattoo parlour by the Chadlin Steps. [NoP 2]

The court recessed for lunch, and Gorkindachina retired with his legal counsel to the cafe known as the Hot and Cold. [NoP 16]

went by rickshaw as far as the Hot and Cold cafe in Eastport, then dismounted and set off for the College of Gardeners on foot. [EoH 14]

on quitting the Hot and Cold, she went straight back to the senate. [WoH 6]

So Yulius turned north, while Atlanta headed south down Qin Sistock Maruka toward the House Jubiladilia. [WoH 2]

Down Qin Sistock Maruka they went, the golem ahead and Atlanta behind. Down Qin Sistock Maruka they went, leaving the House Gorkindachina far in their wake. Atlanta fully expected the golem to go all the way to the House Jubiladilia. But it did not. Midway between the House Gorkindachina and the House Jubiladilia, the golem abruptly stopped. Then it turned left. It turned into the driveway of the House Lubamacasta, home of Atlanta's friend Glan Gleneth Soba Lubamacasta. [WoH 11]

'Not from here. I'm going to walk down to House Chalk or thereabouts. It's not so far from there. Then I'll swim. You'll get to La Lantis before I get to the Spliars, don't worry about that.' [EoH 17]

Heineman and Grindle-Joyce had no option but to walk. Under the oppressive threat of that purple sky, neither felt much in the mood for Smalltalk, and silence was the sum of their conversation the whole way to La Lantis. [EoH 16]

Panjalo Pantaline Jubiladilia was accused of having set fire to the Sheldonian mirarilusistan, greatest of the religious ornaments of Westport, the western quarter of the city of Lexis. [NoP 7]

At the northern end of the low-lying residential peninsular of the Mexicus Hojo was the commercial center of the city of Lexis. Further north again there rose the heights of the mountain known as Flanjegus Mo. On the heights of that mountain sat Jol Medlis, Hell's ruinous fortification - and more than a few bethought themselves of that monument to destruction, even if they were too intent on the approaching skyship to glance in that direction. [EoH 1]

Floating in the water, Atlanta could not clearly distinguish coast from sea, but managed, nevertheless, to place herself by the high and distant rock of Flanjegus Mo, that mountain which mounds itself up to the north of the city of Lexis. She was too far removed to pluck its details: she could not make out Jol Medlis or the Rebus Rokroth. And this alarmed her, for only now did she realize how far she had come in her struggles, and how long those struggles had taken. [WoH 16]


Pedants will protest that Islam Demaxus is not a nation, and so cannot experience nationalistic pride. Certainly, Chalakanesia is technically a federation of seven states, these being (as we look from north to south) the archipelago of Cherwin Skam, the island of Midas Makorum, the reef known as Unlox Brocade, the archipelago of Solakarno, and the islands of Jaz Diva, Sopwith Dromedax and Islam Demaxus. But, though Islam Demaxus is technically just one of the states in a federation, the Seven Pearls are so far-scattered, and separated by such deep historical divisions, that the emotional resonances of statehood are akin to those of nationhood elsewhere. [EoH 5]

Think, then, of the islands. Think, in particular, of the island of Moish Aran, once called 'the western paradise' on account of the surpassing beauty of its great mirarilusistan. When Heaven fought with Hell on the territory of Chalakanesia, the beauties of Moish Aran were utterly destroyed. Trees became fire; flowers became ash; streams became rivulets of ruin. The very rocks of Moish Aran were slagged to molten lava by weapons of destruction, and ran liquid to the steaming sea. [WoH 8]

Vasakatari, the islands of the Mer, lay in the Sea of Ice, south of the Yontil Yantil [NoP 6]

(Are we geographically orientated? Lighthouse and Zachalacharo are the twin islands which lie south of Chalakanesia. Zachalacharo, otherwise known as Paradise, is the site of the Gardens of the Dead, whereas Lighthouse is a barren mass of tunneled rock named for the beacon which La Lantis has caused to be erected on its heights). [WoH 1]

"He was a thief and he stole," said Atlanta. "He thieved one, two, three adaptive skins. He kept them in a cave on Magelus Spur while he was diving on the Salty Ox. That was a wreck, Soba, a treasure wreck, according to rumour. Nobody dives near the Spur, there are things down there which can eat you alive, but Belloc went down regardless. He must have been a little bit mad to start with."?

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