Seven Balancers Of The Council Of Perfection

There were Seven Balancers on the council of perfection

Then watched, smiling, as Arigato bent to the Rose, and smelt its perfume.
The Rose is one of the Seven Flowers of Chalakanesia. It is said that the Seven Flowers were made by the Seven Balancers of the Council of Perfection: one Flower for each of the Seven Pearls of Chalakanesia. But all have been destroyed, lost to the ravages of time, the turmoils of war. All but the Rose.
The Rose was a rose of heart's blood red, and it was huge, as big as a cabbage. It was made of imperishable crystal, yet it emitted a perfume which was 'an intoxication to women', as the Historian has it. [NoP Ch9]

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