Kelakirikus, the table of free-floating white marble which dominated the floor of the senate table.

A number of senators were already there, milling around the kelakirikus, a free-floating table of white marble. It hung in the air without apparent means of support, apparently tapping in some manner the energies of Chalakanesia's metapsychic faultline. All the expertise of Heaven and Hell had been unable to discover how this was done, just as that same expertise had been unable to explicate the cool light which luxed from the senate chamber's domed ceiling of skystone.
In Chalakanesia's classical period, there had been a breed of savants known as Balancers, who had been able to channel and control the energies of the metapsychic faultline for productive purposes. The Balancers had fabricated both the kelakirikus and the dome of skystone which roofed what had then been a Temple of Logic. Unfortunately, Chalakanesia's great classical civilization had been destroyed by religious schism, and most of what was left of its learning had been forgotten in the following feudal period, and the modern age had been unable to reclaim it.
Still, the kelakirikus survived, a proof of the glories of Chalakanesia's classic age, and it now served as the centerpiece of the senate chamber. The carved and varnished chairs of the senators were arrayed around it in a horseshoe formation, and the throne of the Speaker stood at its head. [EoH Ch5]

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