Wazington Incident

An incident when a ship named the Wazington full of tourists was shunted into the air, killing the passengers.

In former days, many tourists used to do just that, and the weapons shop had been one of the busiest places in all of Chalakanesia. But these days - fortunately for Atlanta's legal practice - not much hammering got done in that shop. For the market for weapons had collapsed along with the tourist trade, which had not yet recovered from the disastrous Wazington Incident, which had taken place five years earlier.
Chalakanesia's shunting incidents usually only involve one or two people at any one time. But in the Wazington Incident an entire ship, complete with its crew and a full complement of tourists, had been shunted from its anchorage in Eastport. The ship had been displaced ten days forward in time. However, it had also been displaced in space. Vertically. Upwards. So it had emerged into reality high above the waters of Eastport. And another ship had been beneath it when it had fallen from the skies. [WoH Ch5]

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