Breakup Of Unlox Brocade

An actual or mythic event where the third Island of Chalakanesia was converted into Cocaine making the Islanders rich.

The Breakup of Unlox Brocade, the Third Pearl, bulks large in Chalakanesian legend, for a grossly improbable myth claims the island to have been converted to a single block of rock cocaine by the action of the metapsychic faultline. Positive disproof is difficult (it was a long time ago, and the surviving records are few and fragmentary), and, since the notion of an Island of Crack has a certain garish appeal to those with a taste for the fantastic, this grossest of all improbabilities is sincerely believed by a great many Chalakanesians, who believe that the refugees became fabulously rich by selling bits of their disintegrating island to unscrupulous traders from Heaven and Hell.
A more sober theory claims that Unlox Brocade was undermined by the spatio-temporal displacement of some portion of its foundation rocks, and consequently subsided, the subsidence revealing the fabulous Lost Treasure of Rikitus Tavitus, the feudal ruler who fled from Midas Makorum with all his wealth after he was overthrown by the Head Keeper of his Mongoose Squad. [EoH Ch4]

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