Blast of Belta 2365

A blast caused by La Lantis experimentation with Omagulous Toads. The Metapsychic Faultline responded to the experiment by an incredibly strong blast killing many and destroying buildings. A major event at the end of East of Hell. Situation resolved by Heineman's disposal of a toad over the continental dropoff in the ocean.

He felt gritty from a night spent largely without sleep, and sore and battered from the hammering he had taken in the great metapsychic storm of the Blast of Belta 2365.

In the Year of the Hog, the year of the Blast, Gorkindachina had been fifty-eight years old. Since he had skipped the last three years, he was biologically fifty-eight years old still. He was no athlete - he ate too much and exercised too little - but remained confident of his physical stamina. His body would not give out on him. [NoP Ch14]

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