Zelta Zaijo Zeltsin Liaison House

'However, some things have been getting through, including these.' He displayed the melagrams to Heineman as if they were medical tests which were proof positive of a fatal disease. 'What we have here,' said Teladex, 'is a whole string of communications from the Zelta Zaijo Zeltsin Liaison House of Aloominum Tropis.'
Since Chalakanesian commercial life is not as intricate and fast-moving as that of the Conference, Chalakanesia has nothing equivalent to the liaison houses of Heaven and Hell. To get the same services in Chalakanesia you would have to enlist the help of an agent, a banker, an insurance company and a postal service. However, Heineman understood well enough that a liaison house was a professional hand-holding organization, and he guessed easily enough that the Zelta Zaijo Zeltsin Liaison House represented the media crew which he had placed under arrest. [NoP Ch10]

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