Holy religious island 300 miles south of Islam Demaxus. Has largest mirarulistan. Connected to island of Lighthouse where guru lox has his cult. Technically not in Chalakanesian territory.

Doubtlessly this was true, but Heineman didn't even like to think about it. It was most unfortunate that Guru Lox had set up his Cult of Orgy on the island of Lighthouse, which was joined by causeway to the holy island of Zachalacharo. However, since both Zachalacharo and Lighthouse were 300 leagues south of Lexis, Heineman was able to persuade himself that he didn't really have to worry about it.
'I wonder,' said Om, studying Heineman closely, 'whether you might be fooling yourself into thinking you don't have to worry about this.' [EoH Ch14]

(Are we geographically orientated? Lighthouse and Zachalacharo are the twin islands which lie south of Chalakanesia. Zachalacharo, otherwise known as Paradise, is the site of the Gardens of the Dead, whereas Lighthouse is a barren mass of tunneled rock named for the beacon which La Lantis has caused to be erected on its heights). [WoH Ch1]

'Technically,' said Heineman, choosing his words with great care, 'both Lighthouse and Zachalacharo lie outside the territorial limits of the Chalakanesian Federation.'
'Religion does not lie outside life,' said Rector Om.
'Very true,' said Heineman. 'But, with all respect, I'm sure you must have a realistic grasp of what we can and can't control. Lighthouse is outside our territory.' [EoH Ch14]

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