Upton Zinc

'Quite honestly, I wouldn't,' said Gorkindachina. 'Just as I wouldn't advise anyone to visit Upton Zinc in the locust season.'
That raised a laugh, and made Atlanta feel like an outsider. She had never heard of Upton Zinc or its locust season, but obviously everyone from the Gulf was expected to know about it. She was glad when Gorkindachina's presentation ended, and she got him back, and they were alone together in one of the rickshaws which had been organized to take the travel agents to the cock fight in Westport.
'I didn't see our good friend Teladex anywhere around today,' said Atlanta, as they set off. [WoH Ch14]

'They say it's very interesting traveling overseas,' said Heineman. 'What was your most interesting experience?'
'One finds many things which do not live to their full potential,' said Lox, 'but the tantric temple carvings of Upton Zinc are true to their reputation. Unfortunately, I was there in the locust season.'
'That must have been very unfortunate,' murmured Heineman. [NoP Ch10]

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