Ul Den Ul

Atlanta's Office Building. Owned by the Family Ul.

Ground Floor - Fish Mongers
Second Floor - Lady Jane's School of Body Painting then Lady Belinda Del Dorn's Alma Chorda music school.
Third Floor - Bones
Fourth Floor - Atlanta's law office

Then she headed for her law office, that very modest office she had in the Ul Den Ul, the ground floor of which building was occupied by the fishmonger's shop run by her landlords. Yulius followed in her wake.
As always, the morning air was drenched with the smell of fish. On the ground floor of the Ul Den Ul there were crates of clams, lobster barrels, wooden buckets overflowing with the heads and tails of fish (not to be disposed of as offal but to be sold for soup), trays of octopus and of the free-swimming streamers known as gelid, mottled squid, cartons of abalone and jars of freshwater snails (these last a delicacy from the interior of Islam Demaxus). [WoH Ch5]

The Lady Jane in question ran a notorious School of Body Painting on the second floor of the Ul Den Ul. It was the lair of certain women, usually floridly dressed and heavily perfumed, who worked late hours and slept from dawn till lunchtime. If Atlanta had still been wearing her pearls and silks, she might have blushed. But she was wearing the uniform of the law - and once dressed in her legal grey she was virtually unshockable.
'Shark up or shut up,' said Atlanta. ' I don't have all night.' [WoH Ch2]

Atlanta's office was on the uppermost floor of the tallest building in Lexis, hence fully exposed to the wind, but down at street level it was more sheltered. It had stopped raining, though puddles of blood lay everywhere in the street. And, blood aside, it was not a pleasant night. Atlanta took Yulius by the hand, seeking to reassure him, for she knew he hated the nights of Lombok. This one was typical. The night sky was a heavy oppression of dull and sullen purple, the streets were alive with crawling purple light, and ghosts went mourning down the streets at intervals, crying their dissolution to the night. [WoH Ch2]

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