An island of Chalakanesia

The presidency of the Federation of Chalakanesia rotated from state to state, passing from Cherwin Skam to Midas Makorum, from Unlox Brocade to Solakarno, from Jaz Diva to Sopwith Dromedax, and so at last to Islam Demaxus. As the presidential term was seven years, a complete rotation of the presidency took forty-nine years, which meant that no person could reasonably hope to be president twice in one lifetime.
Though this constitutional device had been devised to prevent any island, group, clique or faction from getting a lockgrip on power, and though it worked up to a point, the transfer of presidential power from one island to another was never either entirely pure or entirely effective. [NoP Ch4]

Pedants will protest that Islam Demaxus is not a nation, and so cannot experience nationalistic pride. Certainly, Chalakanesia is technically a federation of seven states, these being (as we look from north to south) the archipelago of Cherwin Skam, the island of Midas Makorum, the reef known as Unlox Brocade, the archipelago of Solakarno, and the islands of Jaz Diva, Sopwith Dromedax and Islam Demaxus. But, though Islam Demaxus is technically just one of the states in a federation, the Seven Pearls are so far-scattered, and separated by such deep historical divisions, that the emotional resonances of statehood are akin to those of nationhood elsewhere.
Only two days after the wreck of the Zuzu Magore, the senate of Islam Demaxus met to consider the proposition that it give a formal vote of thanks to the Family Jubiladilia. Heineman woke early on the day of that meeting, because at first light a party of Gan workmen began tearing down the scaffolding that had been put up around the House Jubiladilia, and the morning air was filled with kettledrum voices, the donkey bray of the chief supervisor, the thump of falling planks, the rattle of bamboo poles falling one atop the other, and the strident whistles of the sub-supervisors. [EoH Ch5]

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